5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Using Video for Their Marketing

YouTube and online video has come a long way in the past several years.

What was once a difficult thing to grasp, is now pretty commonplace on the internet.

It is easier than ever to make and publish a video to the web, and everyone is doing it! 

Yet even though this is true, many business owners still disregard it as being effective.

In this article I will outline 5 reasons why every business owner should be using video, and why it is a great strategy to gain more customers or clients. 


#1 – Establishes Trust and Authority

Competition in the business marketplace is fierce these days. Customers, clients, and patients have many options to choose from, so it’s important for a business to stand out among the crowd. Video is the perfect answer, yet a good majority of business owners are still not taking advantage of it.

Customers want to see what they are getting and who they are dealing with before they buy. Video is the perfect way to get in front of them!


#2 – Easy to Create and Publish

It used to be very difficult to get a video produced and published to the web, but now it’s easier than ever! YouTube has made it so that even a 10 year old kid can shoot a video on their smartphone, and upload it to their website!

The best part is, anyone can learn how to do it in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. A business owner could easily have their assistant shoot and upload videos for them in a matter of hours, getting them a new source of exposure!


#3 – Engages With Customers, Clients, and Patients

The days of just posting a brochure ad and waiting for the business to roll in is over! These days customers, clients, and patients want more. They need to be “engaged” with good content, and encouraged to buy. By doing funny, exciting, and fun stuff, your business will stand out above the rest. Video is the perfect medium to express your uniqueness.


#4 – Keeps Your Business On Your Customer’s Mind

What is better than actually gaining a customer? Keeping them! And when you are making videos on a consistent basis, it’s hard for them to forget you. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to forget those businesses I constantly see on TV all the time. Do not discount the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of people on YouTube every single day. It’s a cheap (or even free) way to get new publicity, without the high costs of TV or radio.


#5 – Possibility of Going Viral

So what’s the best way to attain a new customer, client, or patient? To get your offer in front of more eyeballs, of course! By posting your videos to social media or your blog, if your content is good, it will end up being shared by other people achat viagra 10 mg. This is, by far, the most cost-effective way known to advertise your business.

So now you can easily see how powerful video is. Oh, and little fact you may not know is that Google actually owns YouTube.

So what does this mean for you? If your video is engaging, and gets a lot of “social signals”, Google will actually rank it high in their search engine. Just imagine, YOUR video on the top of page #1 for the highest searched keywords in your market.

Ultimately, this is where you want your business to be. And trust me, video can help take you there! 

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