Everyone Says Print Advertising is Dead? Not True…

Print advertising word cloud

While it’s true that traditional advertising like the Yellow Pages, newspapers, and magazines are slowing down, they are definitely not dead.

We still have a population of older folks and senior citizens that do not fully understand (or want to understand) the internet and social media.

In many cases, people still like to read and feel a book in their hands.

Have you noticed that physical books still sell? (And very well, I might add!)

However, the results you get from your ads depend on your OFFER, whether you are using print or advertising online.

If your offer is weak, no one is going to buy your products or services, and that’s a fact!

You can get great results from print advertising, you just have to do it in the right way.

In fact, there are websites where you can buy “targeted” lists to mail to.

You can even choose demographics that fit your prospective buyers, and single those people out.

Cool, huh?

I’ll give you a few examples of a good offer, in case it’s not clear to you right this moment.

Are you a Chiropractor?

Then how about giving a Buy 2 and Get the 3rd Visit for FREE!

What about a Teeth Whitening business?

I’m not sure about you, but teeth whitening sounds like an expensive process.

If you offered it for $99 you would probably get LOADS of new customers busting down your doors!

Are you a mechanic?

A FREE Lube, Oil, and Filter change and 32 point inspection looks mighty tempting to someone who needs to keep up the maintenance of their vehicle.

These are just a few of what we like to call “mafia style” offers, or offers they can’t refuse.

And they are great lead-ins to your business, so you can have them testing your products and services.

Once you’ve got their trust and attention, then up-selling them isn’t too hard.

And it doesn’t matter where you are offering these types of deals, because they are proven to get results!

So direct-mail and print advertising DOES work, it’s just a matter of how you position your message, and who you deliver it to.

If you are blasting out your message to thousands of people who have no interest, what good is your offer anyway?

And if your offer is not appealing, then it will be hard to get any type of positive results from your marketing efforts.

Print advertising still remains strong regardless of what many people will lead you to believe.

I know that many business owners have had bad experiences, while others have had good ones.

I can’t say this enough, but you must have a solid offer in order to see the results you are looking for in your business.

Do this the wrong way (like most business owners) and get more of the same results acheter viagra pfizer france.

Do it the RIGHT way, and the world can become your oyster! 

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