Local Search Marketing


“70% of U.S. Households Now Use the Internet When Shopping Locally for Products and Services”

-The Kelsey Group


 If your business has been around long enough, you know by now that traditional advertising mediums are losing their effectiveness.




In today’s “mobile” economy, direct mail and newspaper ads only produce a 1-2% yield.

People now turn to the Internet and search for local products & services using Google, Yahoo or Bing. (35%+ are doing this on their mobile phones)

And did you know statistically speaking: The top 3 companies that show up in major search engine results get more than 50% of all the business!

With only 44% of small businesses having any online presence, this creates an opportunity for your business to increase its market share dramatically.

How do I do this you ask?

Besides having your company website, you need to look at the official Google My Business option.

How does Google My Business work?

When somebody searches for a local small business on Google, the first results that will typically come up are typically Google My Business Pages. (ESPECIALLY on Mobile Phone Searches!!!)


Looking at the image below, the paid ads on Google (Google Ad words) Come up first, then the next batch of results are Google My Business Pages



I hate to say this…

…but all that SEO work you did or paid to have done on your company website, is now being thwarted by smart businesses who have claimed and optimized their Google My Business Pages so they can rank high in the search results!

There is something else you need to know.

Google My Business ONLY features the top 7 local businesses for the search term entered by the user!

So the hard part is to become one of the so called “7-pack in listings”. In certain business categories there may only be a coveted 3-pack!

Even worse – According to the latest available information, unclaimed GMB listings are slated to disappear completely.

And that’s were people like us come in…

Also, after you optimize your Google My Business, Yahoo & Bing listings, it’s smart practice to go and file your business in all of the available local directories and others that are relevant to your business. (There are at least 50.)

Doing so will help your listings in Google, Yahoo & Bing… but be careful and do it right.

Or delegate this tiresome & frustrating work. 😎