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Imagine you are sitting in your car, hungry as heck and looking for a steak house.

Of these options, which one would you prefer to see?



In the first option you can see that the website has a flash component that is broken on many mobile phones.

Most websites that are created to look good on your computer, appear super huge on your mobile phone and then your customers have to “pinch & pull” to see your entire home page.


Let me ask you, how long will your potential customers do that and stay on your site?

How long would you stay on somebody’s website that rendered horribly on your smart phone when you are in your car and hungry?


In the second option, phone, address and map are right there, and that’s probably all you need while on the road.


So, what are the advantages of mobiles sites for your customers?

  1. Mobile websites fit your customer’s mobile phone screen
  2. Customer only has to scroll up and down to find what they need quickly
  3. A mobile website will get you listed on mobile search engines
  4. It’s easier for mobiles users to take action
  5. Mobile websites load faster


Mobile websites are reasonably priced and give you an additional advantage.

Oh, and if you think mobile websites are not important, think again.

“The sale of smartphones has surpassed the sale of PCs and PCs are not catching up anymore,” said Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, during the Mobile World Congress.

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In case you did not know this,

  • More then a third of U.S. Adults own a smart phone.
  • 95% of smartphone owners search locally
  • 82% of YOUR Customers always have their smart phone with them 24/7
  • The average attention span of YOUR Customers is only 7 sec. long



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Do the Test!

Go ahead today and try your website on a mobile device. If you don’t like what you see, give us a call.


Call Us for a free no obligation strategy session


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