Social Media 97% of Businesses Do It Wrong and Here’s Why…

Social Media Concept Billboard

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

We’ve all heard of them right?

And we know we can’t be “relevant” these days unless we’re on them.

At least that’s what the younger generation is telling us, but they aren’t the only ones.

In fact, the news media, sports stars, celebrities and everyone else now seems to be saying the same thing.

But you continue to tell yourself, “This social media stuff doesn’t apply to me. 

I run a local business, not an online shopping store!”

And on one hand you would be right. You do run a local business where the majority (or ALL) of your sales depend on customers walking through your doors.

But to believe that social media is not relative to your offline business is a complete mistake.


Well, here’s where the majority of local business owners go wrong when they try to go about it.

Generally, they either use their secretary, assistant, their kids, (or some social media posting service) to make posts to their page.

Sound familiar?

Then they post some pictures of their staff, their office, and make a big ad saying “WE have ________ on special today!

Come on in and BUY, BUY BUY!”

You’ve seen it before, and maybe have even done it. It looks exactly like a mini online brochure.

So ask yourself, what’s wrong with this picture?

The simple answer is that it’s not ENGAGING.

Instead of focusing on the “customer”, the business is only focusing on THEMSELVES.

And guess what? No one really cares.

Let’s be realistic, people use social media just as they would when they are out socializing with their friends.

Sure, they LOVE to buy stuff, but they don’t want to be SOLD to, especially on social media.

You can compare social media to going out to a party. If all you ever did was tell everyone about your business and what you did, when they never asked to begin with, do you think anyone would want to hang out with you?

Of course they wouldn’t!!

The same principles apply to social media. You have to make it fun, interesting, and ENGAGING.

On the surface, this seems very easy to do. “OK, I’ll just post cute pictures or link to interesting articles”, you say to yourself.

Well, not so fast. That may work once or twice, but eventually people get bored of this strategy as well.

So what exactly can you do?

The simple answer to that is MIX THINGS UP.

Yes, you got it.

First off, go out and look how other successful pages are running pharmacie viagra pfizer.

How many times a day do they post?

Are they getting likes, comments, or shares?

How many people are talking about them or “Re-tweeting” their tweets?

Then, you need to simply just test to see what your audience likes.  

If they respond well, then keep doing what is working.

Be creative and try out new ideas. If they don’t respond well, then just ditch the strategy.

It’s that simple! Continue to study and DO what others are already successfully doing.

But the most important thing to remember is, it’s not about YOU. It’s about THEM! 

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