What in the World Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Explained

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the phrase “SEO” from many different salespeople calling you on the phone.

Heck, here at AZ Social Media we get calls for this every single day!

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization).

You know, when you “Google” something.

It’s those results that show up on the very first page, especially at the TOP!
(And no, we’re not talking about the ads here, we’ll cover that later).

But how exactly do you get YOUR business website up there on the first page?

Well, that in itself is an entirely different thing. It can be sort of complex, so I will try to make this as easy to understand as possible.

Google works on two different sides. You see, on one hand, they must deliver relevant results to people who are searching using their search engine.

On the other hand, they need to get advertisers to pay them. Believe it or not, the second part is the easiest for them.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Google Adwords, and business owners and corporations just LOVE to throw money at it, because it works!

However, we’re not here right now to talk about Adwords. Those are the results that are marked “Ad”, are placed at the top, and also on the side of the page when someone searches for something.

What I’m here to explain about are those results underneath the ads, which are also called “organic” listings. These are listings that don’t require the website owner to pay Google.

However, because of this, Google has a very stringent process by which it allows these websites to be ranked.

In many cases, webmasters do things to “manipulate” the system to get their websites and videos to rank on page #1 at the top. However, Google does not take kindly to this.

Yes, their tactics may work temporarily, but eventually Google finds out and punishes them.

They do this by removing their site from the rankings, or placing it on page #2, #3, or even #100!

So you basically will never be seen by anyone if you’re listed on page #3 or later.

So here’s exactly how it works. An SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) or a Local Consultant can help you to find out what keywords your market is searching for and typing into Google. It’s not that hard really.

If the person who is searching needs a Dentist and they are located in Phoenix, then most likely they will be searching for the term “Dentist Phoenix” or “Phoenix Dentist”. 

Make sense? Good.

It’s good to get around 10 or more keywords to optimize your website for on the average.

Next, the SEO or Consultant will “work their magic” indian viagra alternative. This requires them to complete several boring tasks in order to get the business’ website optimized for the search engines.

This is called “on-page” optimization, and pretty much any SEO or webmaster knows how to complete this process.

Please ask first though, some webmasters DO NOT know how or WILL NOT do this. It’s always good to ask!

Finally, (YOU, the Consultant, or SEO) will get together relevant content for your readers, and post it to the website. This includes using those “key terms” in the content, and other relative words and phrases.

Then a variety of other things can be done including posting videos, optimized pictures, and other things related to your business website. You can also have directory sites set up, to give your website even MORE authority with the search engines.

So there you have the very basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I really hope that helped. And yes, getting your website is a process, it definitely does not happen overnight.

But if you keep at it, and post relevant content on a consistent basis, eventually results will start to happen.

More first page results = More Customers, BOTTOM LINE. 

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