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Step #1

Your business needs a 'smart' website.

What is a Smart Website?

It is an evolving website platform that is in line with the latest trends and is updated often.

When done right, it causes people that come to your website to take action and WANT more info about your service, rather than just being an online brochure like 90% of small business websites that produce minimal or NO results!

This is the 1st key to bringing consistent new Customers / Clients / Patients  into your business & at the same time portraying an accurate representation of you and your brand online.

Step #2

Your website has to have the correct SEO for your specific industry.

This is essential in order to be found online and to drive people in your community who are looking for your services to your website.

There are two parts to SEO.

You have 'on-page' or website SEO and then you have 'off page' SEO which means you have other sites that link to your website.

Step #3

Your website must make it easy for people to reach out and request more information no matter what type of service you are selling.

Email for the most part is dead.

Most consumer's inboxes are rarely checked and full of spam...

Only about 1 out of 10 people are comfortable calling a business they don't know yet...

Text messaging however, is a VERY low barrier to entry!

If Your website lets people send 2-way text messages to your business asking for more information, you will see sales increase.

TIP: Asking people to "Request More Information" will get you a 3x to 10x better response than "Get a Quote," "Contact Us," or asking people to call you.

This is the 3rd part of having a smart website... Make it EASY for people to buy!